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While I surely love food, cooking and baking, I also like telling stories. In this section, you can find a collection of #foodstories that I wrote over the years since that Fat Tuesday in Sweden, when I decided to start a foodblog to tell my culinary adventures as an Erasmus exchange student. And later on, of my life as an expat.


After 8 years, this time I finally celebrated my birthday in Italy. I was never able to be back home for the special occasion since I moved to TulipLand, when I was very much younger. But this time being in the Bel Paese for my bday was also a very special family occasion as I…

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Yesterday marked the ceramic blog-versary, that is, 9 years of an exciting ‘marriage’ I’ve been sharing with good food and culinary adventures. As usual, I tend to celebrate the time of my first post, published that day, back in 2014, when I was in Sweden and I baked semlor for the Swedish Fat Tuesday, during…

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Hope the Italian friends won’t be mad at me after reading this post, but today I am going to say it: I baked the Carnival castagnole with hageslag, that is, with the codette di cioccolato or chocolate sprinkles. I know, it might be because I have been living in TulipLand for almost 8 years now…

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Zevende verjaardag in Nederland (boring?)

Of course, not!It actually makes me thinking how much time has passed since I moved to Tulipland, soon to be 7 years ago. And realizing that, after all, this country has given me a lot: a life, a job, many new friends and something a little more too. Bday bakes over the years Finally, yesterday…

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And it’s 8 years of foodstories, recipes and culinary adventures for Aroma di Cannella.I’ve recently talked about important days related to my foodblog in my last post, with Fat Tuesday being an iconic moment of food(blog) celebrations and a good excuse to bake Carnival sweets to respect the family tradition, even when I am far…

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Another year has passed, and this time I feel so lucky to have my lovely family to make me a company during one of the most iconic days of Aroma di Cannella, that is, Fat Tuesday (for short explanation of why Fat Tuesday is so iconic, you can read the post from last year).. This is great because…

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About time to finally move-in!

Last famous words.In my last post, I mentioned about some “small renovations” in my new apartment. Eventually, the renovation was not really THAT small nor short. As it usually happens, this kind of things take always longer than expected. My beloved, brand new kitchen requited a lot of extra work because we had to fix…

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Achievement unlocked: I am a proud apartment owner!

After lots of searching, viewings and bidding, I finally made it: I’ve become a proud apartment owner! It was quite a long adventure with this crazy housing market, but it feels great to have reached this very big achievement.Now I will be busy with some small renovations (which include a brand new kitchen!), but I…

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Zesde Verjaardag in nederland: YOU TURN 30 IN LOCKDOWN again

I’ve decided about this already some months ago. Until I wont’t be able to properly celebrate this big milestone bday in a proper way, I won’t turn older. Today, we are more or less in the same situation of one year ago. It feels like one year has passed but we are not moving forward…

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Mimosa MUFFINS and 7th blog-anniversary

Some people say it’s wool, others it’s copper. Well, yesterday was the 7th anniversary of Aroma Di Cannella. Wow, I am getting old. Over the years I have always tried to make a little celebration around this day by either baking or cooking something special to share with the readers. It’s funny because every year…

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