Bye Bye Beautiful

Another journey comes to an end. Today, I’m writing from LAX airport, waiting at the gate for my flight back to tulipland. These past 3 months went so fast, but I had such a great time in UCLA LA LAND. Not only very productive concerning my #phdlife but also great memories of amazing people and wonderful places.

Yesterday I took a last walk to the Ocean, as I did in my very first hours after landing back in January, trying to fight back the jet-lag. I have to admit I felt a bit melancholic, like it’s so soon to go back. But I’ll carry all these nice memories with me, as after all the great travels I’ve been so lucky to do in the past 4 years. So, bye bye beautiful.

As promised, let’s cheer this mood up with some sweet treat and the recipe of the dessert I prepared for the last dinner with my American family: the tiramisù. What a better way to conclude a nice dinner – and trip?


Italian friends can find the recipe here


3 eggs

250 gr mascarpone

60 gr sugar

7 espresso cups (or 2 coffee cups)

300 gr savoiardi (cookies)

1 dark chocolate bar (chopped)

Cocoa powder



Start with separating the yolks and the albumens. Mix the yolk with half sugar, add the mascarpone and stir well until smooth. Whip the albumens until they are white and spongy, and remember to add the rest of the sugar in the middle of the process. Incorporate gently the albumens with the mascarpone cream.

You’re ready to assemble the tiramisu!

Proceed by layers: first the cookies, previously dipped into the coffee, second the cream, third the chocolate and last the cocoa powder. Proceed this way until you reach the top. Done!

Put the tiramisu in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Even better if you prepare it the day before.

Done! Easy right?

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