Torta Max – Under construction!

Love baking to make a kid happy 💙 Can you guess what Max really likes??👷🏼 🚧

I prepared a Torta Margherita (margherita cake) filled with crema pasticcera (Vanilla Pastry cream), covered with marzipan and chocolate muffin crumbles.



For Torta Margherita (diameter 21 cm)

150 gr baking flour (00)
120 gr potato starch
16 gr baking powder
3 eggs
150 gr (brown) sugar
5 gr vanilla sugar (or equivalent of vanillina or vanilla extract)
100 gr margarine or butter (left out of the fridge to soften)
75 gr almond milk

For the crema pasticcera (Vanilla Pastry cream)

1 egg yolk 
110 gr almond milk
30 gr (brown) sugar
5 gr vanilla sugar
20 gr corn starch

In addition, you need:

some extra almond milk to brush the cake
250 gr whipped cream
400 gr marzipan (we used the one that is already rolled out)
food-coloring spray (brown)
chocolate letters
chocolate muffin crumbles
excavator toys

Prepare the cake

For this cake, you’ll do all steps using an electric mixer. Start with combining the butter cut into cubes and the sugars. Then, add one egg at a time (wait to add the next one until the previous one is well-incorporated) and next the milk. Last, add altogether the flour, potato starch and baking powder.
Pour the batter on a (round, diameter 21 cm) baking tin (remember to wrap the baking tin with greaseproof paper). Bake in preheated oven 175°C for 30/35 minutes. If the cake gets dark quickly on top, cover it with aluminum foil until the baking time is over.

Prepare the cream

Preparing the cream like I did here (you can skip the lemon zest).

Assembling the cake

Cut the cake horizontally in two parts and brush each part (in particular the sides and the top that could be a bit dry) with some almond milk to make it softer. Then, spread the cream on top of one layer and cover with the other layer. Cover the whole cake with a thin layer of whipped cream. Store the cake in the fridge for the night.

Decoration time!

Roll out the marzipan (2-3 cm thick), cover the cake with it and gently press it on the cake so it sticks well. Cut any extra marzipan at the bottom of the cake. Next, spray evenly the cake with the food color to make if brown. Then, you can use chocolate muffin crumbles to simulate the mud of a construction site and place some on the top and on the sides of the cake as you like. Last, finish your decorations with any chocolate letters (we used them to write ‘ 3 Max’) and have fun with the excavator toys.

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