AdC Third Anniversary

Time flies. Literally.
This afternoon, I was working on some theoretical stuff for an academic paper and all in a sudden I realized which day it was: March 7th, the third anniversary of Aroma di Cannella!
Mmmm (that was not exactly what I thought, but let’s be polite), need to write something for the blog! Can’t miss it this year!
Procrastination mode turned on. I quickly checked the anniversary articles of the previuos years. All of them, so nice… And I had so many draft recipes in the folder, ready to be used!

So, after the semlor of the opening article, the saffron risotto of the first anniversary and the appeltaart of last year, let’s put sweet stuff on a side (plus, I’ve been posting only about cakes, cookies and muffins for a while already). To celebrate, I choose something special from my last Xmas dinner that I haven’t shared with you yet: a delicious, delicate-taste fish quiche with swordfish and shrimps!
I was so proud of this little one when I baked it and my family really loved it.
So, get ready to bake people. Too bad I can’t have it for dinner tonight though…


Fish quiche

1 puff pastry sheet
150 gr of swordfish
150 gr of shrimps
4 eggs
250 gr of ricotta
50 gr of dried tomatoes
40 gr of pistachios
40 gr of black olives
50 gr of bread crumbs
1 lime
salt & pepper & oregano
olive oil


Start with marinating the fish: cut the swordfish in cubes and clean the shrimps (whether necessary). Put the fish in a baking dish (keep some shrimps on a side for the final decoration), add olive oil, the lime juice and zest, salt, pepper and oregano, and stir. Leave the fish marinating for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, blend the pistachios, black olives and dried tomatoes and mix them with the bread crumbs. In a pot, mix the eggs with the ricotta and then add the mixture of pistachios, black olives, dried tomatoes and bread. Add salt and pepper according to your taste. When the fish is properly marinated, remove the extra juice, dd the fish and stir.

Roll out the puff pastry sheet and put the rest on a baking dish. Fill with the fishy-ricotta mix and add the shrimps you left on a side on the top.

Cook the quiche in the pre-heated oven (static mode, 200 degrees) for 40-45 minutes.
Let it cooling down before devouring it…




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