A Traveling Fat Tuesday 

And this is the fourth one. The fourth Fat Tuesday for Aroma di Cannella.
Everything began on this day three years ago, when I was in Sweden for my Erasmus exchange. I decided to start this blog to narrate my culinary adventures as an exchange student. Since then, Aroma di Cannella has been a sort of diary of my life around three main countries and a place where I could share my passion for cooking and baking.

Today, I’m traveling back home in the land of tulips, after being 2 weeks in Italy where I spent some time with my lovely family. This Fat Tuesday is somehow particular as I’m traveling and not – as I used to- baking Carnival pastries, such as semlor, crostoli or castagnole. So I thought to spend my hours in the train with writing something for the blog that from now on, as I already announced, is going to be in English. And what a nice coincidence that the first 2017 article is precisely on Fat Tuesday, as when everything has started.

Unfortunately, this year I had no time for Carnival baking. However, I think this recipe of M&M’s cookie-mini-cakes can be a nice, colorful – and I must say – heavy, super-easy-to-bake thing for Carnival. I baked these mini cakes some weeks ago to finish some leftovers before my holidays in the Bel Paese (for the new readers: that’s one way of mine to call Italy). And I’ve been told from the tasters they were pretty good, even if after some bites it was like eating a sugar bomb. So people, I’ve warned you.



Ingredients for 2 mini-cakes (diameter 10/12 cm)

230 gr baking flour
70 gr brown sugar
70 gr sugar
120 gr unsalted butter kept out of the fridge for a while
1 egg
16 gr vanilla sugar or vanilla flavor
8 gr of baking powder
1 pinch of salt
100 gr white chocolate (you can use your favorite one)
200 gr M&M’s


Mix the butter with the sugars, the vanilla extract with a mixer till it’s creamy. Then, add the egg and mix.
Add flour, baking powder, salt and mix again for a few seconds.
Then, add the chocolate cut into small pieces and the M&M’s (keep some of them for the decorations). Stir to incorporate the chocolate into the dough.

Prepare the mini baking-pans with the baking spray or spread some butter and flour on the surface. Divide the dough into 2 and put it into the cake pans.

Cook in preheated oven 180 for 30/35 minutes. The cakes are ready when they get a nice, golden color. Push a toothpick inside the cakes to check whether they are cooked or not: if the toothpick gets out clean, they are ready.
Let the mini cakes cool down completely before eating.



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