Don’t know what to do with Panettone leftovers? If you haven’t had enough of Xmas sweetness or you want a different dessert for your NYE dinner, try this super easy recipe: the PANETTONE IN A JAR. This is a nice alternative of the classic tiramisu: you just need what’s left of some Panettone and prepare your favorite cream. Here, I made a delicious PISTACHIO PASTRY CREAM as I had some pistachio cream left from the Panettone baked for Xmas. Alternatively, you can use mascarpone cream or the simple pastry cream, and add your favorite flavors (e.g., vanilla, chocolate or fruits).

Instarecipe (6 servings)

You need:
•Panettone leftovers
•Chipped hazelnuts and pistachios
•For the pistachio pastry cream: 500 ml milk, 4 yolks, 50 gr sugar, 30 gr corn starch, 100 gr pistachio cream
•sugar syrup for cakes or coffee (optional)
•food jars or drinking glasses

Start with preparing the cream. Heat 400 ml of milk. In a bowl, whip the yolks, sugar, corn starch and remaining milk. Then, add the mixture to the warm milk, low the heat and stir until it thickens. Last, put the cream into another bowl, add the pistachio cream and stir until well combined. Cover the bowl with a transparent film and let it cool down.
Now it’s assembling time! Take the drinking glasses and start with a layer of panettone pieces. Here, you have the option to brush the panettone layer with some flavored sugar syrup for cakes or some coffee so to wet the panettone before adding the cream. Next, add 2 tbsp cream, some hazelnuts, another layer of panettone, optional syrup/coffee, 2 tbsp cream and finish with pistachios.

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