#onerecipeperday: A post from the lockdown

Another year has almost passed after my last post. I know, I am getting worse and worse as I become older. I missed Fat Tuesday. I missed Aroma Di Cannella‘s 6th (!!!) foodversary.

And here I am again, trying to come up with some excuses. Yes, I am going to say (as my older readers – btw, still there?! – know) that I was very busy in the past year and I didn’t have time to write something for the blog. I am just a lazy ass when it comes to this. That’s it. It is not that I don’t care of my culinary, little foodspace. It is just that things often carry me away.

Of course, many things happened since my last birthday, the fourth one in tulipland (time flies!). And still here I am in tulipand, but writing from a new town, sitting on the couch of my new home. I moved here at the beginning of March to start a new job as Tenure-track Assistant Professor in a really, really good Business school. Boom, jackpot this time. I am very, very happy.

So Fat Tuesday 2020 was part of a crazy, busy last week at my previous university. No oven (because already moved to the new flat) and empty fridge. So, no time for cooking or baking that week.

Then, at the end of February I moved to my new town. I spent the 5th Aroma di Cannella foodversary basically into deep cleaning and unpacking my stuff.

The beginning of this new adventure was, however, a bit peculiar. Not even after 10 days since I moved and started my new job, this crazy COVID-19 pandemic hit tulipland. As well as the rest of the world. They told us to #stayathome and to work from home. It was two weeks ago yesterday. Crazy.

It was very hard at the beginning to adjust and cope with the new situation. Nonetheless, I think I have found my new routine of which cooking & baking is a very, important part. What else can I do to #staysane? Of course, to balance the food intake, I do daily workout or yoga to #stayhealthy, and I meditate a lot too to #staycalm.

Hence, as now I have relatively more free time as I can’t go out and have to stay at home all the time (except for some walking, which we are still allowed to do), I cook a lot. And I try to do it in the healthiest way possible.
Furthermore, as everybody is now in the mood of launching all possible kinds of challenges to spend the time and post stuff on social media, I decided to start my own challenge on Instagram: #onerecipeperday.

Today is Day 8. I am proud of myself that I managed to post everyday a nice picture with a short recipe. So, to make up for my long absence, here we go with new recipes for you.

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DAY 6 – PIZZA (for Italian friends, la ricetta qui) 🍕


Let’s see how long I can keep going with this. At least, I would like to do it for a few more weeks. It is a good way to being involved in the foodblogger community and spend sometime in doing something that I really like in these very strange and uncertain times.

For Week 2, I decided to do a special “Breakfast series” for the #onerecipeperday challenge and I will try to post my daily breakfast via Instagram, as I did for Week 1. Maybe you can find some nice ideas for your colazione as well. Stay tuned!

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