Achievement unlocked: I am a proud apartment owner!

After lots of searching, viewings and bidding, I finally made it: I’ve become a proud apartment owner! It was quite a long adventure with this crazy housing market, but it feels great to have reached this very big achievement.
Now I will be busy with some small renovations (which include a brand new kitchen!), but I really can’t wait to move in!

To celebrate the big moment, I decided to bake something special. As we are in the middle of the pumpkin season, I opted for one of my autumnal favorites, the pumpkin crumble pie! With a bit of cinnamon, it’s the perfect cake for the season. It was a double success!



For the cake (for 21 cm diameter cake tin)

250 gr baking flour
80 gr almond flour
8 gr baking powder
120 gr brown sugar
110 gr butter (cold from the fridge)
1 egg  

For the pumpkin filling

80 gr cinnamon cookies (or petit-cookies mixed with sugar and cinnamon)
250 gr low-fat lactose free quark
250 gr pumpkin purée (steam-cooked first, then use the mixer or a fork to make it as purée)
1 egg
80 gr powdered sugar + extra for final decoration

Prepare the cake base

In a bowl, mix the flours with the baking powder, brown sugar, butter (chopped in cubes) and the egg. Combine all ingredients using your hands, until obtaining a nice crumble.

Prepare the filling

In another bowl, mix the quark with pumpkin purée, the beaten egg, cinnamon and the powdered sugar. Then, blend the cookies into a crumble.

Assemble and bake the cake

Put a bit more than half of the crumble batter on the cake tin (which you have previously covered with baking paper). Use a spoon to make the batter flat and make sure to put some also along the perimeter of the tin. Then, add the cookie-crumble and spread the pumpkin-quark mix on top. Last, cover the cake with the remain batter, without pressing it but leaving the crumbles.

Bake the pie in pre-heated oven 180°C for 35/40 minutes. Let it cool down before sprinkling with some more powdered  sugar.


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