This is a recipe of the #onerecipeperday challenge. For the full blog post, click here.

Since I got my bread machine one year ago as a PhD graduation gift from my colleagues, I can’t stay without homemade bread 🍞
Baking bread is super easy now and way healthier than the one you can buy at the store. I like the idea of having control of what’s in the food I eat so if I manage to bake bread, pizza, cakes, cookies and the like myself is always better!

So as promised, here we go 🍞👩🏻‍🍳
The procedure with the bread machine is super easy. You only need 3 ingredients for a loaf of about 900gr, super #lowcarb and almost #nofat: 500gr whole-wheat flower, 350 ml water, 2 tbsp of salt, 8gr instant bread yeast.

MyFitnessPal macros (per 1 serving, 50gr): 93 cal, 0.5 fat, 16.8 carb, 3.7 protein.


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