In the Italian language, we have some weird sounds like GL and GN that are particularly hard to pronounce for not native speakers. Think how difficult it can be to say GLI GNOCCHI (🤯), when referring to those super yummy, belly-filling potato dumplings 🥔
It took me quite some time to have my Dutch bf saying it right but with practice it’s very much possible 💪

Little #italianlesson 🇮🇹

To pronounce


  1. put the tongue against your palate while slightly touching the sides of your 🦷
  2. put on your best smile
  3. make a snake-y 🐍 sounds by letting the air come out from the sides of your tongue 👅
  4. At the end, don’t forget to add “i” like you say in the word Italy


  1. GNO is like “nyo” but with a N sound like when you are 🤧 so a nasal N (like in the word THING: Think about that ING sound, with silent G).
  2. CHI is no like 🇨🇳🧘🏻‍♀️ but hard KI
  3. Remember we have plural (hard) C
  4. Put all together ➡️ NYOK-KI

So what are we having tonight?


Recipe (for 2 people)

You need:
400-440 gr gnocchi
200 gr salmon (chopped into cubes)
olive oil
salt & pepper to taste
fresh parsley


In a big pot, heat the water for the gnocchi (and please, add the salt only after the water starts boiling🙏😉). Cook the spaghetti as indicated in the package.
In the meantime, in a pan cook the salmon with some olive oil and then add salt & pepper to taste.
When it’s ready, you can cook the gnocchi as it usually takes 2/4 minutes (check the package). Drain the gnocchi and pour them in the pan with the salmon, add some fresh parsley and stir for a couple of minutes on medium heat.

Buon appetito! 😋

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