It’s time for Banana Bread

It’s again one of those rainy Saturdays. The autumn is definitely arrived in TulipLand.
Last weekend, we had a last taste of nice, warm sun. So, I took the chance to spend some time outside. I visited the beautiful Het Loo palace in Apeldoorn. The weather was so perfect that I only quickly visited the inside of the palace: I was much looking forward to sitting down somewhere and enjoying the sun. And a quick look at the photos below can explain why.

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Leaving these nice, sunny memories to last week, now it’s time to concentrate on how to deal with the upcoming rainy, autumnal weekends. The answer is simple: more time for baking!

And, you know, there are those recipes that you always wanted to try. So, what better occasion than a rainy day?
Here we go: the banana bread is one of those recipes.
Everybody keeps saying me it’s so delicious and simple to bake. And that’s definitely the way how it is!
So, if you haven’t tried it yet, have a look at the super easy, fast recipe below. And it’s even without lactose. What do you want more?


Banana bread


220 gr baking flour
2 eggs
100 gr brown sugar
60 ml sunflower oil
3 bananas
16 gr baking powder


In a bowl, mesh the bananas with a fork; then add sugar, eggs and oil, and mix with a mixer. Add flour, baking powder and cinnamon, and stir until smooth.
Bake for 1 hour in the oven (160°).
Let it cool down before devouring it. Perfect with a cup of tea and some jam on top.
You can also put any remaining slices in the freezer..if you manage to not eat it all.


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