Black rice with feta, cocktail tomatoes and courgettes

Synopsis: Although I have very little time in these days, I couldn’t miss to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Aroma di Cannella. Too busy to get the best out of this UCLA LA LAND time, which is almost coming to an end. That’s quite sad. However, I will probably “have to” come back to Trumpallaland (East coast this time) next summer. What a pity. #phdlife


Black rice appetizer with feta, cocktail tomatoes and courgettes

Ingredients (for 4 people)

200 gr of black rice
200 gr of courgettes (nowadays, you can easily find the so-called “spaghetti” courgettes at the supermarket, otherwise you can use a vegetable slicer)
16 cocktail tomatoes
feta cheese
1 small shallot
olive oil
salt & pepper


Boil the black rice in hot water for 20/25 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the courgettes with some oil, salt and pepper in a pan, and fried the chopped shallot in another pan (that you will use for the rice). Cut the tomatoes in half.
Once the rice is ready, fried it for a few minutes in the pan with the shallot. Put the rice in an espresso cup (previously spayed with oil), press the rice with a tea spoon and then transfer it to a plate by putting the cup upside down on the spaghetti-courgettes. Carefully remove the cup and the rice will stick in the cup-shape. Finish with decorating using the feta and tomatoes. Add some oil if you like.

Flash, ready!


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