This is a recipe of the #onerecipeperday challenge. For the full blog post, click here.


I simply love it! I discovered it when I lived in LA during my visiting UCLA.

When I miss my time in California, I make myself a delicious avocado toast! Perfect for a pre-workout breakfast, but also brunch or lunch!


Ingredients for 1 serving: 70gr whole-wheat (homemade) bread, 1 egg, half avocado, 150gr cocktail tomatoes, 50gr cucumbers, salt & pepper.
For the homemade bread: I’ll keep the recipe for another day 😉

Procedure: Poach the egg in a small pot with hot water and vinegar. Roast the bread, smash the avocado and serve the poached egg on top. Add salt & pepper as you like.

I had my avocado toast with cocktail tomatoes & cucumber and some chilli flakes 😉

MyFitnessPal Macros for the whole meal: 335 cal, 14 fat, 36 carbs, 14 protein.


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