This is a recipe of #thebreakfastseries, which is part the #onerecipeperday challenge. For the full blog post, click here.

This is the second of my breakfast regulars: Bread and cheese! 🍞🧀 Ideal combo for when I want to get fully energized in the morning and I have long day ahead with plans of a sweaty workout!

Very simple, nothing more than two ingredients: rigorously #homemade bread & low-fat Dutch cheese rich in proteins. Nice additions are veggies, such as cucumbers or cocktail tomatoes 🥒🍅 But my favorite one is avocado! 🥑

Ingredients for a Dutch-style (revisited) breakfast are: 70 gr homemade white or brown homemade bread; 50 gr 30+ Gouda cheese (mild and low fat); half avocado. Toast the bread, then spread the avocado and add the cheese slice on top.

MyFitnessPal macros: 368 cal, 22 protein, 28 carb, 19 fat


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