When you have that sweet craving but you have nothing at, you just bake it 😉
This is a super-easy-to-make and very light VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE 🥰 Perfect with a cup of tea if you want to start your day with a sweet bite 😉
Mix 100 gr water, 150 gr unsweetened roasted-almond milk, 40 ml sunflower oil and 1tbs vanilla liquor (you can leave it out if you want).
Add 100 gr brown sugar and stir well, until the sugar is completely absorbed by the liquids.
In a bowl, mix 25 gr unsweetened cocoa powder, 150 gr baking flour (I used 00 type, but you can replace it with whole-wheat, but then better to add a bit more to the liquid part of its too dense), 50 gr almond flour and 16 gr baking powder.
Add the liquids and mix well.
Spread the batter on a 21cm (diameter) baking pan (remember to spray with non-stick cooking product or cover with greaseproof paper).
Bake in preheated oven 180°C for 35/40 minutes.
FullSizeRender 18

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