It’s veganuary so what better time to try some vegan recipes?
Traveling is very restricted nowadays but no one can prevent us to travel with our imagination and be in nice cafe in Vienna and enjoy this VEGAN SACHERTORTE 😍😋


Mix 200gr water, 300gr unsweetened roasted-almond milk, 90gr sunflower oil and 1tbs vanilla liquor. Add 200 gr sugar and stir well, until the sugar is completely absorbed by the liquids. In a bowl, mix 50 gr unsweetened cocoa powder, 300 gr baking flour (00), 100 gr potato starch and 30 gr baking powder. Add the liquids and mix well.
Spread the batter on a 21cm (diameter) baking pan (remember to spray with non-stick cooking product or cover with greaseproof paper). Cook in preheated oven 180°C for 35/40 minutes.

Let the cake cool down. Then, cut horizontally and spread the apricot jam on the first layer, previously brushed with some cake syrup (made by mixing 1/2 tsp jam with 2 tbsp water). Next, reassemble the cake and cover it with a thin layer of jam on top and on the sides. Store it in the fridge while you prepare the cocoa glaze.

Heat 70 gr water. In a bowl, mix 125 gr powder sugar and 15 gr unsweetened cocoa powder. Then, add a bit of hot water and stir. Continue this way until you reach a liquid glaze. Pour the cocoa glaze liquid at once over the top of the cake and quickly spread on top and sides. Leave the glaze to set for a couple of hours (also in the fridge, if you like), before serving it.

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