Although I am know to be sweet tooth, I cannot deny that I felt in love with this SAVORY STUFFED PANDORO 🤩 A perfect idea for a yummy appetizer for your NYE’s dinner 😋

Simply slice a savory pandoro and fill it with your favorite ingredients. See a great version created by my mamma thai Xmas for some ideas of a mixed fish & meat filling 🐟🐷

Enjoy 😋


•Slice the pandoro lengthwise to obtain 8 slices, including the top. Lay the bottom slice on a serving plate; spread with mixed fish salad. Cover with salmon, lettuce and walnuts.

•Press second slice on top; add third slice. Spread goat ricotta cheese on top and cover with Italian prosciutto crudo, lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes.

•Press fourth slice on top; add fifth slice. Spread Philadelphia cream cheese with herbs on top and cover with Italian salami, fresh cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

•Press sixth slice on top; add seventh slice. Spread tuna & radicchio salad and cover with lettuce.

•Cover with the top slice and decorate with a few walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and lettuce leaves.

•Sprinkle with pistachio crumbles.

•You can serve the pandoro by cutting it into small sandwiches.

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