Another year has passed, and this time I feel so lucky to have my lovely family to make me a company during one of the most iconic days of Aroma di Cannella, that is, Fat Tuesday (for short explanation of why Fat Tuesday is so iconic, you can read the post from last year).. This is great because Fat Tuesday has always been a quite traditional moment spent together with my family. Yet, last time we got to be together on this day was back in 2015, when we baked Italian crostoli. This year we ate crostoli as well, arriving directly from the Bel Paese. It was my first time eating crostoli since that day in 2015! Crostoli are hard to find in Tulipland so you can imagine my joy when the fam brought me some. But much more was the join to have them over. Always a blessing for us expats.

Besides the crostoli, well, you know me, I couldn’t resist from doing still at least a little something extra, so I baked a bunch of frittelle alle mele e cannella. Always better to enjoy in good company!

Down the memory lane:
Looking back at the past 8 years of Fat Tuesday FoodStories

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